Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We Are Being Screwed Every Which Way

The WSWS states the obvious with the growing inequality worldwide thanks to politicians beholden to an absolutely insane, destructive ideology that says it is the divine right of the few to rule since they are better by virtue of stealing from everybody else in order to obtain and keep "their" wealth.

There is no parallel in human history to the immense concentration of wealth that exists today, nor to the extremes of parasitism and decadence that constitute the “new normal.” Contemporary capitalism—what the ruling class and its political and media flunkies call the “free enterprise system”—has created a world in which every policy decision is dictated by the need to protect and increase the wealth of an infinitesimal portion of the world’s population.

This global plutocracy—by definition, a society governed by the wealthy—generates a huge and ever-increasing portion of the ruling elite’s wealth not from the production of useful products and expansion of society’s productive capacities, but from the manipulation of money, speculation and outright swindling—essentially criminal activities that are destructive of the productive forces.

They need to be called what they are, and that is parasites. If parasites aren't controlled, they will kill the host and ultimately themselves.

And if that is not enough to cheer you up, global unemployment is now up to 200 million, and rising.

I have no doubt that within a few years, if this bullshit isn't reversed, that number will be just the unemployed in the United States.

It is NOT natural or healthy that a handful of people are stealing and hoarding all of the wealth. Revolutions are the result of this.

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