Sunday, January 26, 2014

You Can Read the Vulture Capitalist's Whining

about how much he and his criminal cohorts in the top itty-bitty percent of the top one percent (which he loves to lump himself in with everybody else who is high income) are being persecuted by the big, bad 99.9 percent this fucker stole from here. He thinks because he has a lot of money that money MEANS being "successful," when in fact the only "success" this billionaire has is in buying off politicians and gaming tax laws in order to be "successful."

In other words, he STOLE from the rest of us to get and stay rich.

He is nothing but a sociopath.

These morons like him bitch and moan about wealth redistribution as if it is "communist," but in fact wealth redistribution happens REGARDLESS. The wealth is either moved downward creating prosperity for the vast majority of people, or it is transferred upward to a tiny economic elite, forcing everybody else into poverty. All it amounts to is changes to the tax code, period.

The elites have LIED so much about the scam they have pulled on the American people, most people have been brainwashed to think wealth redistribution downward is a bad thing. It isn't--it is common sense and is necessary for a stable society.

Paul Krugman has some commentary about persecuted, paranoid plutocrat Perkins in this piece.

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