Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You Can't Protest Something That Doesn't Exist

"Tenure" doesn't exist in K-12 education. Period. The reformist liars are at it again, trying single out teachers for having "protections" they don't in fact have and are even putting up fake lawsuits claiming these nonexistent protections are hurting students.

ALL public employees have civil service protections, and their rights to a hearing are identical. That's because they are all covered by administrative law. They have rights to hearings because of many years of case law which states that having a government job is a property right, and because it is a governmental job, that right cannot be taken away by the government without due process of law.

Teachers, like other government employees, have a right to a hearing before they are terminated, but few take advantage of those free hearings, erroneously believing that if they resign (even though they are basically fired anyway as they don’t have a job anymore), this won’t hurt them in future jobs. However, it is an admission of guilt to take a severance package in lieu of a hearing. It isn’t going to stop school districts from labeling a teacher a “no rehire,” which in turn will kill a teacher’s career more than anything else.

The fact few teachers go through the hearings gives districts the excuse to LIE about how many teachers are actually "dismissed," because "dismissal" only applies to those teachers who go through the sham hearings and "lose." Remember, hearing officers and others who pretend to be judges in these sham tribunals usually have the last word, and the "awards" can't be appealed. They are encouraged to literally make shit up to protect school districts, just like what happened with me. School district lawyers and administrators can commit illegal acts but are immune from criminal prosecution, such as suborning perjury, forgery of documents, including false documents, manipulating witnesses, bribing witnesses, destroying evidence, and so on down the line. About the only way teachers can ever be reinstated to their old jobs is by having outside attorney access and by going the civil route. It is almost impossible for a teacher to win.

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