Saturday, February 01, 2014

Companies Catering to the Parasitical Class Are Doing Better Than Ever

Case in point is Rolls Royce, a company that is doing better than ever despite a relatively small consumer base of filthy rich people who want to show off their ill-gotten gains.

Not that I hate the cars; actually they are quite beautiful. It's just that the cars aren't made for the "rest of us" peons and are designed for the elite to show off and prove they really are better than the riffraff 99.999999 percent of the population.

Sometimes a short and apparently unimportant news item turns out to be a harbinger of major political and social developments. Such was the report of the record sales made by UK car manufacturer Rolls Royce over the past year. Britain’s most prestigious automobile brand, which now belongs to the German carmaker BMW, sold more cars last year than ever before. Although the sales volume amounted to “only” 3,630 vehicles, each of these luxury items cost an average of €400,000 (US$540,000).

Bentley, Rolls Royce’s leading competitor and a subsidiary of the Volkswagen corporation, also increased its sales last year by 20 percent to more than 10,000 vehicles. However, a Bentley costs “only” €170,000.

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