Thursday, February 20, 2014

Convoluted Nonsense

What a bunch of convoluted nonsense. This "ruling" is the Bush v. Gore of the state of Nevada. By the logic of the court, there shouldn't even be a separate Reno mayor's race--just have them all run for the same job for city council and let the council pick the mayor. I mean, they are all the same job, aren't they?

The candidate who filed the suit couldn't win on his own, so he found some legal loophole to knock off the competition without rigging the votes.

I hope he loses in a landslide.


In a 5-2 decision that blew the Reno mayor’s race wide open today, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that term-limited council members are not eligible to run for mayor.

The court rejected the argument that the city’s charter creates two separate elected positions subject to individual term limits: mayor and council member. Instead, the court found the charter designates the mayor as a member of the council. Any individual, whether mayor or council member, can serve only 12 years on that governing body.

“Because the Reno City Charter makes the mayor a member of the city's ‘local governing body’ for all purposes, we conclude that (the constitution) bars a term-limited council member from thereafter being elected mayor of Reno,” Justice James Hardesty wrote for the majority.

Never mind they are separate elected offices. The charter should then change to disallow the elections of mayors anymore and simply give the city council the right to pick the mayor.

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