Saturday, February 01, 2014

Dozens Upon Dozens Are Out in Force

near the Rogue Valley Mall, about a mile from where I am "living," if you can call it that, supporting the Medford teachers in their dispute against the school district, especially against those incompetents on the school board. Teachers are there as well as students, parents, and others who support them.

I should have brought my camera and snapped a few pictures.

The Medford Education Association has around 600 members.

If no agreement is reached, the teachers will go on strike on Thursday, February 6, and schools will be closed that day and on Friday the 7th. If no agreement is reached by the following Monday, scabs will be taking over to work one or two four-hour "instructional" days, making anywhere from $171 to $342, plus boarding and transportation costs, and probably torpedoing their budding careers in the process.

There is one more "negotiating" session scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

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