Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sham and Scam in California

LAUSD teachers are being persecuted by the top percent of the one percent in a show trial in L.A.

This case is trying to do away with the same civil service protections police and fire personnel have. It is blatantly unconstitutional.

For once in his life Cortines is right:

Former LAUSD superintendent and John Deasy’s predecessor, Ramon C. Cortines, is similarly unimpressed with the Vergara lawsuit. While no fan of the education code, the outspoken Cortines thinks that Vergara is far too one-sided in singling out teachers.

“What bothers me is that we only talk about certificates,” he explains, “we talk about teachers … [about] getting rid of something. [But] how do you deal with capricious superintendents, capricious boards of education and — not many but a few — capricious principals? Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. What [people like Welch] should be [asking] is, How do you help people through professional development be successful?”

Filing lawsuits does not figure into Cortines’ view of solving the problem, and he adds that Welch “should be insisting that school systems do their job — and not in an adversarial way. We are human beings, as teachers, as educators, as a society — we are not perfect. We need assistance and guidance and support to help us.”

I would think this thing would be tossed out in the higher courts. After all, teachers are being singled out unfairly.

This Welch creep doesn't even know the reason for the "protection." Clue to the clueless: Government jobs are not the same as private sector jobs. They are considered a property right, and property rights cannot be denied without due process.

The vast majority of teachers pushed out by school districts don't even go through hearings in the first place. They take "resignations."

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