Thursday, February 13, 2014


There are more details on that Churchill County (Nevada) School District hazing lawsuit, which was settled for almost three-quarters of a million dollars. Almost all written reports made a typo with regard to parents of the students who engaged in the hazing. The reports said "60 dollars," but the true figure is $60,000.


I am hoping the MSA and MEA are close to an agreement.

I can't go too long without working.

This just makes me want to blow a gasket.

This is all about destroying colleges of education by usurping college professors and supervising teachers.

From the BAT site:

Standardization and privatization of teacher certification – Under edTPA, student teachers will be evaluated by Pearson instead of the professors who have been supervising their student teachers. EdTPA has been adopted by 6 states including NY State, and 28 others are in some phase of its implementation. Student teachers must send two 10-minute clips, essay responses, a rubric, along with $300 fee to Pearson, for which they receive numerical evaluations without any feedback. Pearson is hiring people to review the portfolio and pass or fail the student teachers without any means for the public to hold the company accountable.
There will be a national conference March 8 at Teachers College in NYC.

What: A conference that gathers all education stakeholders concerned about edTPA (Co-sponsored by OurTC, Department of Arts & Humanities, Department of Curriculum & Teaching, endorsed by Barnard Education Program, Can't Be Neutral, reClaiming the Conversation on Education) *Please contact if your institution/organization would like to endorse this conference in any way!

When: March 8 (Sat), 9:30am (Door opens at 9am) - 5:00pm

Who: Teacher educators, scholars, student teachers, teachers, librarians, parents, students, other concerned citizens.

Where: Library 3rd floor, Teachers College at Columbia University, NYC

Outline of the day:
Morning (Door opens at 9:00am)

Register Now!!

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Fucking unbelievable. Pearson has its filthy tentacles everywhere in education.

Obituary: Actor Ralph Waite,85, known best for his role as the father in the 1970s series The Waltons, has died.

Waite tried his hand at politics, running for Congress three times, losing twice to Mary Bono.

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