Sunday, February 16, 2014


For those who want to hate their neighbors in Nevada for daring to have a pension for public employment, there is a link to the retiree register.


The wingnut "Transparent Nevada" wants everything known about public employees since they are lazy shits and the proprietors of the site are jealous.

Most of the "cushy" pensions are pretty modest, and one has to factor in that public employees there don't pay into Social Security or they have it penalized through WEP/GPO. They may not even be eligible for Social Security at all.

The list is also highly deceptive. The projections aren't that reliable. The top person on the register is only a police lieutenant working as late as 2012, so you know there were some other factors that went into the January 2014 "pension" pay. The "projection" makes it look like he is getting over 300k a year in a pension, and that just anywhere near true.

No police person, except possibly a chief in the biggest cities, gets that big a pension. I doubt police chiefs anywhere in the country get anywhere near that much.

Not surprisingly, the top Nevada pension-getter who is actually retired is former UNR football coach Chris Ault.

The Michael Dunn case proves Florida's laws are batshit crazy.

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