Monday, February 17, 2014


No way will this ever stand up to a court challenge. It may have the exact opposite effect of what the proponents want.

Obituary: Well, I didn't know the last surviving Alaskan territorial governor, Mike Stepovich, was actually a resident of many years (from 1978) of Medford, Oregon, though he continued to practice law in Alaska.

He was visiting his son's home in San Diego when he died as a result of a fall on February 8. He had a hell of a bunch of kids, some 13 in all, but his wife died in 2003.

In 1958 Stepovich resigned as governor to run in Alaska's first contest for U.S. Senate. After a spirited uphill campaign, he lost to Ernest Gruening by a small margin and resumed his law practice. But he remained active in Alaska politics. He was the Republican nominee for governor in 1962, narrowly losing to Bill Egan. He vied for the office again in 1966 but was defeated in the primary election by Wally Hickel.

He moved to Medford, Ore., in 1978, but maintained his Alaska residency. Long after he had officially retired from the law, he would regularly return to Fairbanks to help his attorney sons with matters such as jury selection.

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