Friday, February 21, 2014


The poor sure have it easy, all right.

I have been going through this going on four fucking years now, and there is no way I will EVER get ahead. I am absolutely sick of this shit. Every single thing is a major purchase.

I have almost three more years before I can get early Social Security which will no doubt be garnished in part for the student loan.

Good news if true although it is Medford School District spin.

It wouldn't surprise me if the so-called Penn State Sandusky "scandal" really is about the worst case of journalistic and legal malpractice in the history of the country.

I said long ago I wouldn't be surprised if Sandusky, who does have a few boundary issues, didn't at all do what he was claimed of having done. In other words, innocent. That interview he gave with Bob Costas changed my mind about the whole thing.

It appears a lot of the "victims" were either lying or they said nothing ever happened. It was all "ka-ching" with them.

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