Wednesday, February 05, 2014


They really want to kill off the poor.

It sounds like Portland school district is really screwing up in trying to blackmail its substitute teachers, who are actually under a contract and have health insurance benefits.

There is also a picture of Jonah Edelman, the founder and CEO of "Stand for Children," an organization that is anything but standing for children. It should be called "Taking from Taxpayers."

It was critical for the neolibs to infiltrate and control the Democratic Party to the point that it is a hardright party, far to the right of either the DP (excluding the southern Democrats of yore) and the GOP of 50 or 60 years ago. Neolibs like Obama couldn't care less about the jobless, and they have NO intention of doing a fucking thing about this crisis:

Obama and the Democrats understand and accept that the contemporary logic of global neoliberalism means that the U.S. economy is being restructured and that millions of workers are being shifted into low-wage service sector jobs, for those lucky enough to be employed. Low wages, unequal regional economic development, extreme income inequality, disproportionately high unemployment rates for African Americans and other racialized national groups with astronomical unemployment rates among the youth sector of these groups, are all a structurally determined consequence of neoliberal social policies, and liberals understand this.

Obama knows and understands, like his more conservative counterparts, that capitalist production processes and the market will produce “winners and losers” and that for the most part the financial and corporate elite will always be on the winning side. But as a neoliberal market fundamentalist, he accepts those outcomes as an inevitable outcome of the market that, in the end, benefits enough people to be morally justifiable. That is why at the meeting at the White House on Friday he could praise CEOs for creating 8 million jobs over the last five years while knowing that most of those jobs were low-wage, service sector jobs.

Of course it is NOT "morally justified." The sociopaths who control the political narrative want cover for their sociopathy and criminality.

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Alessandro Machi said...

After exposing the crap philosophical agenda that we agree exists, the next step is probably to come up with suggestions and solutions.

I have come up with a couple of ideas. Consumer debt reduction by freezing interest rate charges on defaulted credit card and student loan debt. Debt Neutrality Petition

And also freeing home equity for the elderly without having half of the money going to the mortgage insurance companies is another solution as well. Government Sequestration of the Elderly's wealth a 100% success.

Sooner rather than later these two concepts free up spending money to help invigorate local commerce.