Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fake Dems Here, Fake Dems There, Fakers, Fakers Everywhere

No surprise the gangsters who own "Democrats" in Washington have been infesting various state legislatures with equally fraudulent "Democrats" to put forward schemes designed to destroy public education.

School vouchers are clearly illegal and unconstitutional, but that hasn't stopped the whackjobs on the right and in neolib circles to try and force them through.

From the article Ravitch mentions:

The AFC doesn't limit its political money and endorsements to Republicans, even though it's a conservative organization. When it sees Democrats who might buy into its agenda, the AFC helps them too.

Case in point. In 2012 Democratic State Senator Barbara McGuire (LD-8) proudly displayed an endorsement from the AFC , which created an independent expenditure campaign on her behalf, on her website. In 2013, she first voted No on a bill to expand the Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. But when she realized her vote made the difference between the bill going up or down, she changed her vote to Yes, and the expansion passed. As a result, McGuire received public praise from both the Goldwater Institute and the AFC.

Also connected to this conservative privatization web is a group named Democrats for Education Reform (DFER). Its Democratic credentials are so questionable, the California Democratic Party passed a formal resolution condemning the group. DFER has the same function as the AFC — giving money and support to pro-privatization candidates — but its name makes it look like a solid Democratic group. In fact, it shares its leadership with the AFC.

DFER recently set up shop in Arizona and is shopping around for current Democratic legislators to pull into its web while it scouts around for promising new Democratic candidates who will carry the pro-privatization banner.

With "friends" like these "Democrats," who the hell needs Republicans?

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