Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hell, Yes!

Of course public schools aren't "failing"--they are being KILLED to fulfill an evil, utterly demented ideology/economic theory that has never worked in the past and has and continues to create human misery all over the world in order to further enrich the few and the multinationals.

Contrary to the article though, Uncle Miltie Friedman was pushing the voucher shit as far back as the mid-1950s, to appeal to racists upset over Brown v. Board of Education. This crackpot somehow got himself the Nobel prize in economics back in the 1970s, and all of a sudden his "ideas" became fashionable with politicians, to say nothing of the billionaires and multinationals who stood to gain from these ridiculous ideas. In fact, this love affair has by no means ended; it has gone so far as to have infected the Democratic Party so now that party is almost unrecognizable from what it was 30 or 40 years ago.

Because those who propose such demented ideas can't win elections--and these same people despise democracy for that reason--it was critical they foster a decades-long propaganda campaign against out public institutions and employees to undermine public trust in an attempt to eventually to pilfer them for profit. Remember, these neolibs don't believe the purpose of a public education is to create an informed citizenry; they see education merely as job training that they can manipulate who gets in the very few high-paying jobs and who winds up making pennies a day in abject poverty. Kids will be slotted to go to low-wage jobs or to "higher education"--meaning high school--as early as the seventh grade. We are already seeing this "tracking" with the attempt to put in "common core standards" that are completely age inappropriate but may work with the tiny number of kids who can actually handle the coursework.

It's very obvious what is going on; it's just a matter of people by the millions rising up against this bank heist before it is too late.

Look closely—you’ll recognize the formula: Underfund schools. Overcrowd classrooms. Mandate standardized tests sold by private-sector firms that “prove” these schools are failures. Blame teachers and their unions for awful test scores. In the bargain, weaken those unions, the largest labor organizations remaining in the United States. Push nonunion, profit-oriented charter schools as a solution.

If a Hurricane Katrina or a Great Recession comes along, all the better. Opportunities for plunder increase as schools go deeper into crisis, whether genuine or ginned up.

It's all about furthering that globalist fantasy the neolibs have. Any politician who spouts off about the "global economy" or "globalism" should be run out of town on a rail.

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