Saturday, February 08, 2014

I F***ing HATE Libertarians

I wrote a response to some Craigslist moron who criticized the Medford teachers striking, thinking they were "more than adequately paid," and said he didn't want to pay for other people's kids:

I will bet you are one of these "libertarians" who are so utterly stupid you don't see that paying for "other people's children" now means they will be the taxpayers of tomorrow who will pay for YOU when you can no longer work. You simply don't want to pay for public education like a good little mindless libertarian. However, we do live in an interconnected society where everybody has a stake in that society's future. The Rogue Valley hasn't changed at all in its overpopulation of ignorant yahoos like you who try to sound articulate.

No, teachers aren't more than adequately paid for what they do. I am sorry, but you sound like somebody repeating Stand for Children talking points. I already explained in an earlier post what exactly teachers do and the tremendous workloads they have trying to educate the future workers of tomorrow. Not only do they have way too many students and work off the clock many, many hours, but now they are held to all kinds of "accountability" over test scores of students, as if they have ANY control over whether students can or want to learn or over poverty or other problems that occur outside the schoolhouse doors. Teachers are also vulnerable to getting sick all of the time because parents don't or can't keep their kids at home, so teachers are subject to all kinds of viruses. They can lose their jobs--and don't you DARE lie about "tenure," which teachers don't have--just because some students can literally "blow off" a test or an administrator who doesn't want certain teachers can load up their classes with kids who have lower ability. Administrators, not teachers, decide which students enroll in their classes.

If teachers have so many obstacles to doing their jobs, then WHY do they do it? Because they love the kids and want to make a difference. Few jobs allow that. That doesn't mean that just because the profession is more than 80-percent female, they should work for a pittance. These people are PROFESSIONALS, not call center workers or Mickey Ds workers, and they deserve to be adequately compensated. Medford teachers make pitifully little pay compared to other districts.

If you think that job is so easy, go back to school and get trained for it. You couldn't stand to do it for one minute. If you aren't willing to do the job, then you have no credibility whatsoever talking about and criticizing public education and teachers. You sound utterly stupid in your comments because you have no knowledge of what teaching truly involves. You need to simply shut up and crawl back under the libertarian rock from which you came.

I fucking hate these people, and unfortunately their extremist ideology has overtaken politicians in both political parties.

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