Sunday, February 23, 2014

Idiot Thinks He Knows All About Public Education

He doesn't know shit, and it shows.

He thinks he can force a factory model on teachers and turn almost all public education over to teacher assistants. This idiot has no clue there are already huge numbers of aides and assistants in Medford schools, and they are almost ALWAYS, with the sole exception of special education assistants, part-time with NO benefits. This asshole is spreading nothing but spin here to create more distrust over teachers. This is supposed to save money.

This is what this nitwit says. He thinks he knows what goes on in the medical field, and therefore it should be done in education:

What if we applied the medical model to public education [note this jerk doesn't say all schools, just public]? We would treat our teachers if they were medical doctors and provide trained teaching assistants [they already have them up here in Oregon--they are minimum wage or barely more than that AND most are part-time with NO benefits] {nurse equivalents} and automated testing systems (X-ray, therapists). A teacher plus four assistants delivering education to 100 students would be much less expensive than the four teachers it takes now. Teachers could be given a major raise (more than 30 percent) and supplied with information-age teaching tools, and the cost would still be lower.

Just as it is inefficient for doctors to take X-rays or blood samples, it is inefficient for teachers to administer and grade tests, deliver repetitive lectures or monitor assemblies, recess or study hall [this dolt has no clue MSD already hires classified help to monitor recess and campus--again they are part-time with NO benefits]. Their real contribution, like doctors, is building and improving the system: developing educational plans, preparing new content and monitoring the data that indicates what is working and what is not.


And so on, this idiot keeps harping on about "inefficiency," pure Taylorist ideas, and they DON'T work in education because education is NOT a business. This idiot's bio says his dad was a teacher, principal, and superintendent, as if that is any kind of knowledge at all. Until you have DONE the job, you have NO clue and NO business to dictate to teachers how they should do their jobs. He thinks almost all teachers should be replaced with assistants--it's cheaper. Tell that to TSPC, which is VERY strict about who is allowed to teach in the classrooms. The Medford School District is FULL of teacher aides and assistants, many of whom are illegally teaching kids as reading intervention assistants, and they are NOT in the classrooms under the direct supervision of teachers. I can't even work in a pullout session with reading students or special education students unless I am certified K-8 (on top of special education certification,to do pullout with special education students). This despite having a master's degree in education and REAL teaching experience in another state. Completely illegal. That man has no business being on a school district budget committee.

In short, he believes the teaching profession should be deskilled. Furthermore, teacher assistants are NOT analogous to nurses or X-ray technicians, the latter highly skilled, highly educated, and often highly paid, personnel. Teacher aides/assistants generally make little above the minimum wage and up here are almost all part time without any benefits. They also don't have to have much education beyond high school, at most two years of college if they work in a Title I school (NCLB requirements). There are some who have more, but it isn't required of the job and is reflected in the terrible pay.

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