Saturday, February 01, 2014

If a Teacher In This Day and Age Expresses "Autonomy,"

he or she would soon be out of a job. It just doesn't happen in public education, and it hasn't happened in many years thanks to "reformist" efforts to kill the occupation. Therefore, this "study" is bullshit. The "senior fellow" mentioned in the article has Gates ties:

Boser writes feature stories and investigative articles about culture, politics, and social issues, and serves as the research coordinator for a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded project that will grade the 50 states on their systems of education.

In other words, this guy is a propagandist.

By the way, The Center for American Progress is a neoliberal front group, with many of its members being retreads from the Clinton and Obama administrations who have been posing as "Democrats." John Podesta is the head of this group with a name to mislead liberals and progressives into thinking this is in any way a traditional liberal or progressive group. It isn't.

The aim of the article is to con the public into thinking that since the teaching profession has been undermined and trashed, teachers who suffer from Stockholm syndrome actually support their oppressors' faulty ideas and are "satisfied" with their lot.

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