Sunday, February 16, 2014

Insanity in Education

If this is really true about somebody in a school district making student test scores, including names of the students, available for everybody to see, watch the FERPA lawsuits begin in earnest.

It can't be done. Some idiot principal doesn't know about student records, parental/student consent, and federal law:

Some public school classrooms in Holyoke have been using data walls since the beginning of this academic year, reports local Fox affiliate WGGB. They show each student’s name along with progress in a particular academic area.

“What they say data walls are supposed to do is to create a friendly competition between the students,” Gus Morales, a teacher at Donahue Elementary School, told the Fox station. “What we’ve all seen is that’s not what it does. It demoralizes the students. It lowers their self-esteem because a lot of the students struggle with English, or have a learning disability.”

The superintendent should be fired for this idiocy.

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