Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Irwin Allen Could Have Directed the Medford School District

given how utterly chaotic today's "back to school" day has been. The administration and board never should have listened to the public education-hating, union-busting law firm, the Hungerford Law Firm, based in Salem. This law firm has a history of "consulting" with various school districts around the state to find inventive ways of screwing over certified and classified staff. I strongly suspect the privatizer Stand for Children is also up to its eyeballs in trying to screw over teachers here and statewide.

Reports of the MSD mess from the MEA Facebook page:

Back to School Disaster: Our District is in shambles. This just in: Parent of North Medford freshman student with Special Education plan denied access to her daughter's classroom. Parent who normally walks her daughter to class called us and said she was not allowed to escort her child to her room to evaluate conditions.

Back to School Reports: Parents asked to leave school grounds; elementary parents unwelcome in schools to evaluate conditions; students being supervised by non-certified staff; high school students walking out en masse due to overcrowded and chaotic conditions; students threatened with citations for walking across campuses carrying signs in support of teachers- all the while, quality teachers are out on sidewalks fighting for better learning conditions for kids.

Parent of high school student just reported there were 56 students in one classroom today! CALL the Board: Larry Nicholson- 541-772-3233; Jeff Thomas- 541-944-4835; Tricia Prendergast- 541-941-2556; Kim Wallan- 541-776-2058; Sally Killen- 541-772-4575; Ron Andersen- 541-499-0049; Marlene Yesquen- 541-601-1459. TELL THE BOARD TO SETTLE THIS NOW!

One student reports, "Things are totally chaotic in the school. Everyone is leaving. Students are deciding to picket around the campus now." The "quality" education of our schools is out on the streets today. Get our teachers back in the classrooms where they belong!

I wouldn't count on the local media, especially the WSJ-owned Medford Mail Tribune, to get it right.

I am just grateful I didn't scab for the district.

Even if the teachers win here and in Portland, which they will, don't think the privatizers aren't going to try and get the last word.

Remember, there is a movement afoot to turn Oregon into a "right-to-work" state. I doubt it will succeed thinks to the heavily-Democratic Willamette Valley cities, but it still is disheartening.

Update: The Medford Mail Tribune does admit that it has been a mess, chaos, today. However, the scabs "substituting" for the regular teachers seem to have no conscience at all over what they are doing. It is despicable:

A substitute teacher from Amity said he would be teaching fifth grade for the first part of the day at Howard, and fourth grade during the afternoon at a different school. "It's a job," he said, adding he has been subbing for three years. "I don't know what they're picketing about but it doesn't really bother me."

A Hillsboro woman said she left six older kids at home to substitute-teach fifth grade for the Medford School District. "I was a little apprehensive," she said, adding she was torn between feeling unwanted and wanting to help. She said she needed the income.

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