Friday, February 21, 2014

Not Good If True

You'd think the teacher would have left some kind of note about this particular student to the sub regarding the need to use the restroom; teachers typically do.

Even when there isn't, you still let the kid go to the bathroom when requested. You can always have sign in/out sheets if you are worried about them messing around in the bathroom (no pun intended).

We will see what the fallout will be. The sub is long, long, long gone. Substitutes are poorly-paid, at-will employees.

KRNV tries to make some big crusade out of this, but nothing is going to be reported on this ever again because the school district will NOT release personnel information. Only if there is a lawsuit/settlement will there be any more reporting on it.

They didn't follow up on the Lemmon Valley principal controversy last year (I believe she is no longer with WCSD unless she was demoted), and they didn't report or follow up at all the Sparks Middle School principal who was put on leave after the shooting there last fall. The Reno Gazette-Journal merely indicated that she was not returning back to the school when it reported on the school the other day.

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