Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Of course "Common Core" is Botched

It's unfixable, and the reason it is unfixable is because a dipshit billionaire and his foundation got so enamored with itty-bitty European countries having "national education standards," he figured he could just go out and buy off a few U.S. politicians to pull the same thing here.

You'd think Gates, with his hoity-toity private school background, and with his equally privileged puppets Obama and Duncan, would have learned a thing or two from their "superior" schools about something called the "separation of powers," including the rights and limitations of what the federal government can and can't do with regard to education. Public education has ALWAYS been a state and local matter, with the federal government being involved with matters more along the lines of enforcing civil rights protections of students and helping "at risk" students. It clearly has NO business putting any kind of blackmail scheme trying to force curriculum or teacher preparation/licensure or teacher evaluation on states or school districts. None. Zip. These people hide behind "grants" and such knowing good and well what they are trying to impose is illegal and unconstitutional. In fact, it is really grounds for impeachment of both Obama and Duncan, but that'll never happen given the fact our Congress is just as gung-ho about killing public education as these fake "Democrats."

As for European countries, they are different. They are geographically smaller, they have smaller populations, their demographics are different, and their government and legal structure is different from the U.S. Total apples and oranges. But Gates and his ilk have this demented fantasy we should have a European-style education system with national standards and "tracking" students early so they either are "apprentices" or they go to college, narrowing their own futures, which could change, thus fucking over anybody who wants to change careers later on. At least that is what Bill Gates used to think. There is likely a far more sinister, far more ulterior motive at work with Gates and his ilk, and that has to do with the possibility having a standardized curriculum EVERYWHERE in the United States means that there will be no more teachers as we know them, just teacher aides making minimum wage babysitting kids who are on computers all day. Computer software would be by Microsoft, curriculum by Pearson. Point-and-click "education," despite the absolutely horrific failure of online K-12 "schools." No hands-on science, no field trips, no music, no art, nothing but just the minimum bare-bones education for the masses. The privileged would still have their little private schools with real teachers and a wide curriculum. Meanwhile the parasites running these online "schools" get richer than ever in yet another insane transfer of wealth upward courtesy of the 99 percent of taxpayers.

It's all about creating a caste system with them.

Of course you can't trust the leadership of the NEA or the AFT as far as you can throw them given their asskissing of the very people intent on killing public education in America, and with that teachers' unions.

Here’s why: The Common Core has plenty of high-profile backers, including President Barack Obama, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Yet poll after poll shows that parents trust teachers, above all, to do what’s right by their kids.

Given that trust, the NEA’s support has always been a huge feather in the cap of Common Core supporters. It’s also provided a practical boost: The union has pledged that its members would hold town-hall forums, speak at PTA meetings and do everything they could to persuade a wary public to give Common Core a chance.

Now, however, it’s not clear that teachers can effectively serve as ambassadors. For months, dissident groups of educators, including the Badass Teacher Association, have spoken out against the Common Core. In his open letter, Van Roekel made clear that disillusionment was both widespread and mainstream.

He said 70 percent of teachers believe implementation is going poorly in their schools — and two-thirds report that they have never been asked to give their input on how to introduce the new standards.

It's not only untenable, it's also illegal and unconstitutional.

Let's put it another way. Let's see what would happen if the Obama administration decided it was going to have the DOJ or the surgeon general create national standards for attorneys and physicians. Let's have the federal government start licensing attorneys and physicians. See how far they get when they tangle with the ABA or the AMA. But those are male-dominated occupations peopled with those who have high SAT scores and are smarter than those who are in a female-dominated profession like teaching. Teachers are stupid and need to be told what to do and how to do it. States need to be told what to require for training and evaluating teachers and what curriculum to have. Ditto for school districts.

It's disgusting. "Common Core" is an abomination.

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