Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Schools Are Not Businesses, and Therefore This Insane Attempt to Destroy Public Education

and turn it over to the multinationals via RTTT and the Common Core WILL fail. However, if it isn't dispensed with entirely--and it's not going to happen with that utterly useless and compromised D.C. political establishment--we WILL lose it all. "Globalism," after all, is a race to the bottom.

Not to mention these federal mandates are patently illegal.

Using Taylorist ideas on white collar professions is certainly being attempted, and it needs to be thrown out. Kids are not widgets, and they cannot be "standardized."

I am surprised Education Week allowed the article to be published.

It has become increasingly clear to me that the Common Core is not about the Common Core and that CBS is not a news network, but a new mindset created by corporate honchos who want to exploit Computer Business Systems to deskill white collar professions to break unions and lower wages.

To the extent that teaching and the medical professions, for example, can be scripted and digitalized in measureable units, efficiency targets can demand less human interaction and "time theft."

This is the brave new world that Simon Head describes in his recently published, Mindless: Why Smarter Machines are Making Dumber Humans. Can you guess? You got it, profit! We have been focusing on Common Core like lonely young men focus on Mona Lisa's smile. Common Core is like the tip of the iceberg on the surface: it has become the reified image of a global crisis that most of us can not quite get our minds around.

And greedy idiots are pushing this shit.

Actually, Lois Weiner has been writing about this for years.

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