Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shanty Town

To read this sort of thing just burns my ass to a crisp.

Of course the well-to-do think glorified outhouses are the answer to "homelessness," but cynic that I am I KNOW this is the first step in forcing everybody except the very richest people into little one-room shacks that they would not own. It's an attempt to lower our expectations on what livable space really is while trying to use cover arguments like "helping the homeless" or "helping the environment" or "scaling back your lifestyle." This shit is going to be forced upon us so we can have the same "living standards" as those in third world countries.

The real problems here are the lack of jobs for everybody who wants a job and the outrageous cost of housing. It is NOT mentally healthy to live in a 100- or 200-square-foot space on a permanent basis. Just wait until entire families are forced into these.

I am reminded of this old ditty:

The rich will still have their palatial estates while they charge the rest of us a fortune to "live" in these shacks.

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