Friday, February 21, 2014

Some Good News on the Education Front

Louisiana's awful governor Bobby Jindal was dealt a big blow today when a judge threw out Jindal's repellent law on teacher "tenure" by saying the law violates teachers' rights to due process.

That follows years of case law that says a government job is a property right, and therefore a post-probationary employee cannot be removed without "due process."


Parts of Gov. Bobby Jindal's controversial teacher tenure law passed in 2012 are unconstitutional, a Monroe judge ruled Friday (Feb. 21). Fourth Judicial District Judge Benjamin Jones upheld a decision he made in August that said the law violates the constitutional rights of teachers facing dismissal.

"It is clear that (the law) does not provide for a full and fair or 'elaborate' post-termination due process hearing before a credible, objective, independent, hearing body," according to Judge Jones' ruling in the case of the Monroe City School Board vs. DeAnne Williams.

Jindal said in a statement late Friday the ruling would be appealed, adding, "it is important to note that this opinion only impacts the tenure review process. It does not impact the rest of (the law)."

Of course these haters of democracy and its institutions won't quit until they bleed the last dollar out of the taxpayers.

They all ought to be arrested and thrown in jail for sedition.

There was also some good news coming out of North Carolina regarding vouchers:

Saying that challengers to North Carolina’s recently-enacted school voucher program had demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits, Superior Court Judge Robert H. Hobgood today stopped the program from moving ahead, pending a final resolution of two lawsuits currently before him.

State officials had already moved forward with the “Opportunity Scholarship Program” in the face of those lawsuits. At least some of the $400,000 budgeted for administration of the program had already been spent, and more than 4,000 applications for vouchers received.

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