Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sounds Like Something Frankie Fane Would Do

The more I think about the latest Woody Allen controversy, the more I am in agreement with a commenter following this report who said Mia Farrow's daughter's "allegations" are timed to manipulate the Oscar voters. Allen has a movie up for several awards this year. It's also possibly timed to coincide with son Ronan Farrow's new program on MSNBC and give him a bunch of free publicity.

Allen should look at filing a defamation lawsuit to end this b.s. once and for all. The lawsuit should be against the New York Times and Nicholas Kristof for peddling this nonsense to achieve the vengeful ends of Mia Farrow against her ex-boyfriend. Mia Farrow has some serious mental issues, and she has never recovered from the disloyalty by Woody Allen and her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, when the two embarked on an affair and later marriage. Allen and Previn DO deserve criticism for the disloyalty, but that is water under the bridge after all these years. Mia Farrow just needs to move the fuck on. The sad thing is she has manipulated the kids into seeing Allen as the enemy to the point some of them actually believe her stories about him.

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