Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Spin 'Till You Win

I suspect a lot of the teacher-hating comments following articles in the Medford paper about the possible MEA strike are written by members of the public education-hating Stand for Children. There are so many talking points being spewed, it has to be coordinated.

My response to the talking points:

Teachers don't get anywhere near that much, and I think you know it. First-year teachers start out in the low-thirties, with a pile of student loan debt on top of it--FAR less than they would get in the private sector for work requiring a bachelor's degree. Newly-minted teachers have to substitute for years and years and years to even be considered for a regular position. Teachers in Oregon are REQUIRED to have master's degrees eventually.

The teachers were promised the money that they sacrificed (their pay increases) in 2008 when the money was there. The money is (now) there, and it is owed to the teachers, but this dysfunctional board thinks it is above the law and above negotiated agreements and wants to do whatever it wants. There are also other issues, besides money, that are being discussed, including the outrageously high caseloads of special education resource teachers in this district.

I would really like to know how many "Stand for Children" members are posting on this site trying to convince the public the teachers are the enemy. The MMT should do a report on this organization, which is founded and financed by hedge fund managers and billionaires and have as one of their goals the destruction of teachers' unions. I was shocked this organization even existed in a small area like the Rogue Valley and was endorsing and maybe even financially supporting school board members. Anybody who takes an endorsement or donations from interests who want to destroy public education in the United States in order to further enrich Wall Street and billionaires should be recalled or be completely disqualified for running for the school board. "Stand for Children" is that bad.

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