Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The American People Are Being Played Like a Stradivarius

I just about blew a gasket when I read this. You find this sideshow crap going on all over the country.

When I see stupid "issues" like these being bandied about, I am asking myself what ELSE are the elites trying to pull in D.C. and in the state legislatures?

These are completely unimportant "issues" that are designed to distract the masses from what is REALLY going on, and that is the complete dismantling of public institutions for private gain, ruinous trade agreements, attempts to destroy public pensions and Social Security so the Wall Street crooks can gamble it all away, complete indifference by D.C. politicians to job creation and to unemployment, destroying public education and limiting educational opportunity for the masses, destruction of the right to organize, efforts to further erode and destroy the middle class, and related issues. The poison of neoliberalism/economic libertarianism is THE issue of our time, and our country is literally on the ropes. But hey, focus on non-issues like pot, like gay marriage, like abortion, like illegal immigration so the billionaires/hedge fund crooks/neoliberal policymakers-politicians can further steal from you. They are just laughing at how utterly stupid and easily distracted the 99.9999-percent of the American people are. If we don't reverse course in this country, we will wind up living in a third world country in just a few years.

This isn't conspiracy thinking or delusion--this is FACT if you bother to even look around you. The American people have been played like a Stradivarius for over 30 years thinking "government" is the enemy, "unions" are the enemy, public sector employees are the enemy, and all of the phony baloney divide-and-conquer garbage while the elites and their puppets in D.C. continue to run roughshod over us.

The truth of the matter is there are NO meaningful political divisions in this country anymore. It isn't about "left-right," "liberal-conservative," "Democratic-Republican" anymore; this is about blatant class warfare by the few against everybody else, and that few will not be happy until they own everything except perhaps the shirts on everybody else's backs.

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