Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, or, Why Obama is a Complete Failure as President

His disastrous education policies are reason alone to list him as the very worst president in American history, except maybe James Buchanan, but even Buchanan, as bad as he was, never had the far-reaching impact this president will likely have in destroying ANY chance for upward mobility of the vast majority of people in order to help his buddies at the top.

Of course I have said I had no hope he was going to be any good at all when he got elected in 2008. It almost took an act of God to get me to actually pick his name in the voting booth on the very last day of "early voting" in Nevada. I damned near didn't do it, and I wouldn't have done it had there been a decent third-party alternative (naturally I didn't vote from him at all in 2012 and went third party). Almost nobody, yours truly included, had ANY idea he was on the board of a think tank that supported charter schools, the Joyce Foundation, in the 1990s, and that alone should have disqualified him from any national or local office. However, his rhetoric, if people had paid any close attention at all, was very, very worrisome if you cared about public institutions and the public good. He was repeating the same crap the GOP had been repeating for years. He was and is nothing but a Wall Street tool.

His appointment of Arne Duncan was the very worst cabinet appointment in American history. This corrupt and intellectually challenged individual has been give virtually free rein to subvert the U.S. constitution and mandate what state and local governments can or can't do with education, which is a state and local matter, going so far as to bribe them into submission to carry out "reforms" that have been uniformly disastrous. Impeachment and removal are warranted, but nobody in Congress will do it because 90 percent or more of them actually support destroying public education.

This is nothing but a naked assault on democracy. It took a "Democrat" to do what the extremists in the GOP could NEVER do and NEVER get away with.

A snip from the piece:

Let us recall some highlights of this presidential campaign. In 2010, Education Secretary Arne Duncan castigated public school teachers in Rhode Island for going on strike to protest arbitrary changes in working conditions and wages while encouraging authorities to fire them if necessary. He "applauded" the move to fire every teacher at Central Falls High School (as reported in the Providence Journal). This is from an administration that never asked anyone to resign from AIG, Bank of America, CITI, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Fannie Mae or Sally Mae.

Similarly, in 2012-2013, Obama lent the tacit backing of the White House to Rahm Emanuel's strategy for busting the Chicago teachers union and for a mass closing of public schools. The follow-on 'charter' program has been cited as rife with corruption. Secretary Duncan has been given free rein to use the powers of his department to cajole and pressure states into the unqualified promotion of charter schools -- whatever the record shows about their mediocre record.

Duncan's office has been the moving force behind a concerted effort to conceal the reality of what charter schools have, and have not, accomplished. The truth is not very pretty. Overall, the performance of their students on standardized tests, and graduation rates, are marginally worse on than those of the country's public schools. The drop-out rate among minorities is actually higher.** This dismal record is despite the preferential treatment that charter schools' receive: subsidies above and beyond the budgets of counterpart public schools; the cherry-picking of students that excludes many of those with chronic learning and/or discipline problems and/or from non-English speaking families; etc.

You will never, EVER convince me this rotten president is anything than one of the very worst, if not THE worst, who has ever come down the pike.

At least to date. I can bet the gangsters who control both political parties will find some puppet even worse and run on the Democratic Party ticket to appear as more sane than whoever the GOP nominates.

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