Sunday, February 16, 2014

This is More Cynicism Than Idiocy At Work Here

I can appreciate those who think the quickest way to get rid of standardized tests and CRTs is to make sure parents see the questions beforehand. However, it is never going to work because looking at the questions in advance violates testing security. It invalidates the test. Teachers aren't allowed to see questions in advance; they can have license sanctions for violating testing protocol. As I remember, the tests, at least those that are on paper, have a seal on them and therefore they aren't supposed to be opened until instructed to do so by the test proctor.

There is no legal way around this problem. Either the lawmaker proposing this law is a blithering idiot or he is a cynic who wants to get rid of standardized testing of all kinds:

Once the bill hits the House floor, it’s likely lawmakers will attempt to add an amendment imposing a $1,000 penalty on parents who break the rules. But Menlove said the $1,000 penalty wouldn’t cover even half the cost of replacing a test item that had been compromised.

Sara Jones, with the Utah Education Association, also said the UEA is concerned about throwing the validity of state tests into question. She said not only are the tests high stakes for students, but also for teachers whose pay can be partly tied to test results.

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