Monday, February 03, 2014

Update on the Financial Crunch

I called the Nevada State Treasurer's office today to find out just where my unclaimed property claim is in the processing. I found out that although I sent the claim three months ago tomorrow, the person who does the processing is on September claims. It normally takes 120 BUSINESS days to process a claim. The woman who took my phone call told me she could put my claim on priority and she will, but that means I still will not have any money until the end of the month. This is the worst situation I have EVER been in. I have NOTHING to pay for a bill due tomorrow, nothing for storage unit rent thus risking losing everything there, and worst of all, NOTHING to pay for Sam's (the dog with the congestive heart failure) medication which will run out by the middle of this month.

I also want to explain about the family not wanting to help me out. That's because my oldest sister already helped pay the moving expenses for my belongings from Reno last August, and the total amount is nearly $1400 (that includes gas and motel expenses). I just can't ask them anymore because they have done so much already, and I have to somehow squeeze whatever little money there is coming in to repay her eventually.

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