Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What in the HELL Were They Thinking?

What in the HELL were the organizers of the "compassion fund" even thinking when they took money from people who thought the money was going to VICTIMS and their families of the SMS shooting and not part of it to the perpetrators of the crimes?

Remember, the Reyes "donation" didn't come from their personal or business bank accounts. That would have been one thing. That money was DONATED by unsuspecting donors of the Sparks Middle School Compassion Fund who were not informed the Reyes family would get part of the money that was earmarked for VICTIMS (and their families) of the Sparks Middle School shooting. This is NOT right, for if it weren't for parental negligence, this tragedy would NEVER have happened. The parents were unwitting perpetrators of the crime and should have been charged. I would be demanding my money back from the fund. I am just grateful I was too broke to give any money to the fund following the shooting.

Of course the Reyes family couldn't in good conscience keep the money. That would have been nothing more than blood money.

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