Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why I Despise the Obama Administration

Look no further than what they are promoting in education. Michigan is the guinea pig to what these assholes and their privatizer buddies plan for public education nationwide:

The EAA model is based on individual computer-based learning and employs teachers merely as “facilitators.” The schools are exempt from many public school regulations and are notorious for ignoring the requirements of special education students. Lower-paid and undertrained teachers are forced to work without books, supplies or even adequate numbers of working computers.

Far from being designed to help children, the EAA is a Trojan horse for profit interests and a national model for the privatization of education. With most of the EAA students drawn from districts in deep poverty, the experiment preys on the most disadvantaged.

The Obama administration has enthusiastically promoted the EAA as “the future.” After declaring Detroit “ground zero” in education reform in 2009, US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called the EAA “the right type of work.” He subsequently toured an EAA classroom and gave it his unqualified endorsement.

This isn't at all about helping children but to gut pensions and salaries for professionals. They think they will get away with this because teachers are typically women.

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