Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Sad Situation

Pretty sad deal. It sounds like that despite the age difference they were a good match. It may be difficult for Jagger to cope with this, especially at his age. It sounds to me like he really cared about her. Various exes of his also had good things to say about her.

It appears to me she was one of these people who just would not accept help even if it were offered, and I think Jagger offered to help her out of her financial hole, but she wouldn't take it. She wanted to be thought of much more than somebody's girlfriend, which she was after all. It's also possible he had no idea how bad a shape her finances were in. I have never experienced financial problems on that kind of scale, but I know full well what it is like to be flat-assed broke and have nowhere to turn.

I don't think anybody had a bad thing to say about L'Wren Scott. She also appeared to be close to her family in Utah.

Her brother and sister both have Facebook pages. I was looking Scott up on the Classmates site in the yearbook section for her old school, but the yearbooks during the time she was there are not uploaded. However, her older sister could be found in earlier yearbooks.

This was a rather nice appreciation.

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