Thursday, March 06, 2014

Another Reason Why I Am Against Marijuana Legalization

It's bad enough alcohol and tobacco are legal, but legalizing this shit is just a bad, bad idea.

Hey, you make this shit acceptable, why shouldn't little kids have access to it? Teachers, especially elementary school teachers, have enough to deal with without worrying about little kids smoking this crap. It's still not legal in California, but this will be routine if it ever is.

It isn't harmless, contrary to the stoners' "arguments." Besides, it's pretty goddamned sad people think they have to get stoned out of their heads to face life. It certainly makes it easier for the neoliberals to keep wrecking the country if people are too stoned or too distracted to know what is going on, so why not make it legal?

I never was big on "medical marijuana," because I KNEW these stoners were just using that fake issue as a way to get the crap legalized wholesale.

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