Saturday, March 01, 2014

Arne Acts Like It's 1984

Leave it to the dolt in charge of the federal Department of Education to twist what is really the destruction of public education in America by calling it a "civil rights" issue.

Putting TFAs and other unqualified people in the classroom is actually a VIOLATION of equal protection/civil rights law. It's illegal because it singles out the poor, often minority students and basically tells them that because they aren't going to amount to anything anyway, they don't need real teachers, qualified teachers, veteran teachers. Or, in the case of those awful cybercharters, teachers at all. The well-to-do parts of town should continue to have real teachers because those students WILL "amount to something." Meanwhile, Arne turns common sense on its head and says that the "right" to have a poorly-trained, unqualified idiot from an Ivy League school "teach" an inner city classroom is a "civil right." After all, he's a poorly-trained, unqualified idiot from an Ivy League school, and that made him qualified to wreck damage on Chicago Public Schools and further qualified him for secretary of education. Arne says that the reason poor children have lower test scores is because they have "lousy" teachers, but test scores of course don't measure anything if the student is incapable or doesn't have the desire to do well on a test. Besides, how in the hell can anybody with a straight face say that a teacher's ability to teach has anything to do with how SOMEBODY ELSE performs on a test?

Where is the movement to impeach this idiot and his boss over their violation of the separation of powers with regard to education? I have asked this over and over, but it appears the useless Congress is just fine with this.

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