Tuesday, March 25, 2014

At Least Four Retirements, Terminations, Demotions, or Transfers

of principals so far at Washoe County School District for next year, including the Roy Gomm principal who was at the center of the Frudden school uniform case, KayAnn Pilling. Her job is available after this year and is being posted internally for the time being.

Interesting shit. Of course she will be transferred to someplace else because I don't believe she is old enough to retire from the district. She could have been pressured out of the district altogether, but knowing this district the way I do with its constant pandering to administrators, she's probably still in the system even if she embarrassed the district to the hilt. I wouldn't be surprised if she is given a desk job in the central office.

Other openings include the following:

Desert Heights Elementary School principal (current principal: Vickie Duty-Howard)

Palmer Elementary School (current principal: Jason Childs)

Silver Lake Elementary School (current principal: Ann Marie Dickson)

There are also many, many openings at the area Title I schools, including my old elementary school of Sun Valley, with teachers either bailing out altogether, new allocations, or teachers who have decided to transfer internally to jobs either at schools that are not Title I or taking "jobs" at the central office where they are not subject to evaluations based in large part on test scores.

Or more than a few may have been kicked to the curb like yours truly and "non-renewed"--fired--or terminated altogether.

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