Saturday, March 01, 2014

CCSD Teachers Are Screwed Again

It appears their "reformist" board has approved to hire 150 MORE Scabs for America "teachers" next year on top of the bunch already infesting the school district.

There was some opposition to the scheme, but you know what they say about how "money talks."

I fully expect TFA to start worming its way to northern Nevada to Washoe County School District.

If you are a teacher in Nevada--in fact, in just about any state in the union--do not make any long-term financial commitments. The economic elites are waging open warfare on anybody in the public sector because they want that cash cow in the public sector to further enrich themselves. TFA is actually unconstitutional because children in low-income areas are saddled with unqualified, inferior "teachers" who will only stay a couple of years after only five weeks of training while children in more affluent areas have fully certified, qualified teachers. The article, by the way, has some clever spin. Few of these TFA "teachers" stay as teachers but in "education" as privatizer hacks. One of the aims of Wendy Kopp's outfit is create administrators and think-tank types to peddle the privatizer line and kill the public system from within.

TFA was originally started as a way to find emergency-credentialed teachers in areas where there was a teacher "shortage." However, there is no need for this outfit today other than it is nothing but a scab operation. There is NO shortage of teachers today, and in fact there never has been a shortage of teachers. TFA is being used by the "reformers" to destroy unions (not that Nevada has any real teachers' unions), and to deskill the profession of teaching. Since public education is one of the foundations of American democracy, people should be worried to death about this.

The first thing that should be done nationally is to cut this organization off from AmeriCorps. That would get rid of a big supply of applicants, since most of them do it to get forgiveness on at least some of their student loans.

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