Monday, March 03, 2014

Don't You Just Love These "Democrats"?

The party has been so infiltrated with fakers and con artists, there really is no Democratic Party left, at least the party I grew up with and was a part of.

Look no further than some shill with connections to the hedge fund crook DEFR.

Despite her rightward ideological swing, Romero isn’t backing the entire Koch agenda. Instead, she’s become Prop. 32’s human face on behalf of the seemingly progressive political action committee (PAC) Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), where she serves as director of the organization’s California operation. An examination of DFER’s backers, however, shows that right-wing billionaires aren’t her only Prop. 32 bedfellows.

New York University Research Professor of Education Diane Ravitch, who has followed the lobbying efforts of DFER since its inception in 2005, is blunt about Romero: “She’s working for Wall Street hedge fund managers. That’s where her interest lies.”

What goddamned hope do we have in this country with these fakers in positions of power?

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