Thursday, March 13, 2014


Here's another example of the violation of the separation of powers.

There are all kinds of theories about what happened to Malaysia Flight 370, which is still missing. I keep thinking about something similar to what happened with golfer Payne Stewart, but such an incident would be unlikely because of the size of the aircraft.

An explosion of some kind may be the most likely scenario. Or, as this report speculates, a deliberate crash.

However, there is precedent for the cabin pressure loss theory aboard a commercial flight:

THE plight of an oxygen-starved crew on board a Greek airliner in 2005 has been cited as a possible precedent for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

The pilots of the Helios Airways Boeing 737 did not realise that their aircraft had lost cabin pressure until it was too late to reach for their oxygen masks.

After flying on autopilot with the pilots unconscious, the aircraft hit a mountain near Athens, killing all 121 aboard.

The loss of breathable air gained some credence with news that the US Federal Aviation Administration had warned Boeing last September about cracks in its 777 fuselages that could lead to a drastic drop in cabin pressure.

We know full well who and what Obama's true constituencies are, and they aren't the peons who voted for him in droves.

Obituary: Reuben Askew, former Florida governor, died five days after being admitted to a local hospital. The Democrat was 85 and had some recent health problems, including a stroke and pneumonia.

Askew rose from obscurity in the Florida Legislature to become the Democrats' surprise gubernatorial nominee in 1970 and then defeated the incumbent Republican, Claude Kirk.

His eight years in office coincided with the end of the Vietnam War, Watergate and dramatic social change across the nation. He was a liberal on racial issues and pushed for an overhaul of the state's tax laws, open government, environmental protection, ethics legislation and streamlining the courts and other governmental agencies.

Askew integrated the Florida Highway Patrol, and appointed the first black in 100 years to the Florida Cabinet and the first black Supreme Court justice. He also appointed the first woman to the Cabinet and supported the Equal Rights Amendment, but Florida lawmakers failed to ratify it, a major disappointment for him.

In other words, he was a real Democrat and not one of those neoliberal shits polluting the party today.

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