Friday, March 14, 2014


The media are so invested in the hijacking/terrorist angle of the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, it's hard to separate the facts from the bullshit.

In fact, we don't know much more now than we knew when the plane first disappeared.

I seriously doubt the plane was hijacked, unless one of the pilots took over the plane, and it's looking to me like a Payne Stewart situation of a decompression or a catastrophic situation.

It could have happened that way, with the pilots turning the plane around before losing consciousness. That is, if the plane actually turned around, but there have been so many conflicting reports it's almost impossible to know what the real story is. Currently the search is on over on the Indian Ocean to find any trace of the plane or debris.

Stories like this make me nostalgic for the way journalism used to be, which was simply reporting the facts as they became known, not speculating by "experts" thinking what did or didn't happen.

I am sure eventually we will find out what happened, but it make take awhile to even find that plane.

The ocean is pretty big after all. So is Indonesia, with some 17,000 islands.

Update: You can probably scratch out a hijacking by either of the pilots.

The NYT says the plane sharply varied in altitude, but of course we won't know a damned thing for sure until there is a black box removed--if the plane is ever found. Of course there is a disclaimer that says altitude readings may not be that reliable when the plane is that far off course.

It's a good thing for the prosecution in the Oscar Pistorius trial there is a judge and not a jury. The trial has turned into an absolute farce putting the O.J. murder trial travesty to shame.

He could walk, no pun intended, but you never know with a judge.

Of course Obama should be impeached, but not so much for the CIA crap but for his ruinous education policies. His buddy Duncan should go with him and be run out of town.

Nothing is going to come of this scandal.

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