Saturday, March 15, 2014


The Malaysian prime minister is saying that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 becoming missing was indeed "deliberate," but it is not known where the plane went. The trouble is this isn't fact but again speculation and probably wishful thinking.

If it was hijacked, who did it? It doesn't seem that any of the flight crew had anything to do with it, and nothing has surfaced to show that any of the passengers were involved.

Now "they" are saying the plane was in the air as long as 7 hours after it went off the radar. This seems more and more like a Payne Stewart situation and NOT an act of "terrorism" no matter what some political and media figures want to believe. Somebody on CNN who is a an expert on planes, a retired pilot named David Funk, has concluded as much. It just doesn't make sense a plane would be up in the air for hours and hours undetected unless there was some major mechanical problem or a fire and then decompression to the point nobody on the plane could do anything about it. The plane would continue to fly until it ran out of gas.

When you have an administration and others in positions of power and influence who are nothing but batshit crazy neoliberals, common sense like doing something about the outrageously high unemployment in this country is simply not entertained.

Krugman is still slow to face the reality both political parties are two heads of the same neoliberal monster, to say nothing of the Federal Reserve. Almost without exception they still believe in this discredited and debunked nonsense.

Finally, although the current monetary debate isn’t as openly political as the previous fiscal debate, it’s hard to escape the suspicion that class interests are playing a role. A fair number of commentators seem oddly upset by the notion of workers getting raises, especially while returns to bondholders remain low. It’s almost as if they identify with the investor class, and feel uncomfortable with anything that brings us close to full employment, and thereby gives workers more bargaining power.

Whatever the underlying motives, tightening the monetary screws anytime soon would be a very, very bad idea. We are slowly, painfully, emerging from the worst slump since the Great Depression. It wouldn’t take much to abort the recovery, and, if that were to happen, we would almost certainly be Japanified, stuck in a trap that might last decades.

If you believe in the nonsense of "globalism," of course higher pay cannot be entertained; it has to be a race to the bottom.

Obituary: Comedian David Brenner, 78, has died. He had been suffering from cancer.

Brenner's standup routines became a favorite of "Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson starting in the 1970s.

His 150-plus "Tonight Show" appearances turned the former documentary filmmaker into a hot comedian. Brenner was a regular on other TV talk shows and game shows and starred in four HBO comedy specials. He also briefly hosted his own syndicated talk show in 1987.

He moved with the times, trading routines about the humor of everyday life for jokes about social and political issues. He appeared on MSNBC and Fox News Channel cable programs as well as talk shows.


Another obituary: Glenn Edward McDuffie, the serviceman photographed in the famous "kiss" picture with nurse Edith Shain, has died at the age of 86:

McDuffie was 18 when he said he was captured in the famous kiss photo with nurse Edith Shain.

“I heard someone running and stopping right in front of us. I raised my head up, and it was a photographer,” McDuffie told the Houston Chronicle in 2007. “I tried to get my hand out of the way so I wouldn’t block her face, and I kissed her just long enough for him to take the picture.”

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