Monday, March 03, 2014


In case you missed the show last night, and I did except for the last three awards, here are the results.

I will probably look at a few of these films when I get the money to do it. This despite the fact I am more of a vintage movie fan.

A slideshow of the "In Memoriam" segment is there. About half of the people listed I had never heard of, and I suspect they weren't really major figures in film but well-known among film people. That includes quite a few directors whose names simply didn't "ring a bell" with me at all.

Frankly the mess in the Ukraine reminds me of Chile 1973, with the nutball neolibs trying to control the country with their reckless experiments.

Evidence has come to light TFA and charter "schools" go together like bacon and eggs.

With the taxpayers, of course, footing the bill.

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