Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Evil As Hell

Education is front and center in the insane move to privatize everything.

Neoliberlism is the most evil idea that has ever come down the pike, yet our "elected" officials seem hellbent on destroying the United States to enrich the few.

The apathy of the masses is going to make this shit a reality if people don't wake up:

Right-wing appeals to austerity provide the rationale for slash-and-burn policies intended to deprive government-financed social and educational programs of the funds needed to enable them to work, if not survive. Along with health care, public transportation, Medicare, food stamp programs for low-income children, and a host of other social protections, higher education is being defunded as part of a larger scheme to dismantle and privatize all public services, goods and spheres. The passion for public values has given way to the ruthless quest for profits and the elevation of self-interests over the common good. The educational goal of expanding the capacity for critical thought and the outer limits of the imagination have given way to the instrumental desert of a mind-deadening audit culture. But there is more at work here than the march toward privatization and the never-ending search for profits at any cost; there is also the issue of wasteful spending on a bloated war machine, the refusal to tax fairly the rich and corporations, the draining of public funds for the US military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the ongoing consolidation of class power in the hands of the 1 percent.

Probably not even the one percent. It's more like the top one percent of the top one percent.

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