Monday, March 10, 2014

Gangster Politics

That's really what "liberal washing" as Sirota calls it truly is about. The seeds of it actually started around the time Uncle Miltie Friedman got his Nobel prize in the mid-1970s, thus discrediting that award, and with it the insane embracing of ideas that are truly anti-American, indeed anti-democracy, in order to further enrich the few who then and now own these politicians.

Contrary to Sirota's assertion, nothing has been "washed." The Democratic Party has been outright infiltrated to be killed from within with the likes of Obama. Most of the old guard Democrats have either retired or died, and what have replaced them quite frankly are nauseating.

However, this didn't happen overnight. The cracks were there even during the Carter administration, the last real Democratic administration we had in this country, with deregulation of various industries, which in the end didn't turn out so well. These gangsters really got a foothold during the Reagan years with their Friedmanite love affair and huge tax breaks for corporations and the filthy rich, and, with the rise of the crooked "Democrat" Robert Rubin, continued even during the Clinton era with its ruinous trade agreements and the bipartisan repeal of Glass-Steagall. It continued through the Bush years and now has culminated in an outright fraud named Barack Obama, who isn't a Democrat at all but tries to pacify critics in the rank-and-file party by tossing them a bone here and there in Democratic Party wrappings but still desires to carry out what his puppetmasters want. What these puppetmasters want is NOT good for America or for the world--only for themselves at everybody else's expense.

It's glaringly obvious there are no meaningful political differences between the two parties today, or, for that matter, in American politics, especially since 2008 with the election of an outright fraud as president. The problem is most Democratic voters have NO clue they don't HAVE a Democratic Party anymore except for a handful of renegade elected officials who were once the mainstream of the party. Instead what we have in the American "two-party" system is not two real political parties at all but one neoliberal party with two heads. One head is the batshit crazy head called the GOP, and the other is the more "sane" head, the "Democratic Party," which subscribes to the same thing. The goal of both is how to best screw over the American people by finding ways to con them to turn over their wallets to the elites who own both parties.

Al Capone would have fit in perfectly today.

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