Sunday, March 02, 2014

Hard to Have Sympathy

A reporter tries to find where sympathy and blame are for the Sparks Middle School shooting of last fall.

My response after the article:

I am sure the Reyes' feel guilt every single day--and they should, for if they hadn't left that gun around, the tragedy would never have happened.

This isn't about the "outside looking in"--this is FACT. They should have been charged with their negligence but they never will thanks to the helicopter parent brigade who want to pass the buck and claim fictional "bullies" or the school district (which unfortunately will HAVE to pay settlements to any insurance claims because the crimes happened on district property) were responsible, and not where the blame truly lies. BTW, I worked with a lot of the staff at SMS, including Michael Stansberry the first year he was there back in 2006-2007. His class was right down the hall from my classroom. When I heard about what had happened, it about killed me, and I hadn't been at that school for years. I don't know how the current staff copes with it; I know if I had still been there I would have never returned to that school. Everything would have reminded me of that shooting. I do not handle death well at all.

There is a limit to having sympathy. I prefer to have sympathy for the real victims. Jose Reyes' parents are not "victims." They also shouldn' t have received one dime of that "compassion fund" which was set up for victims. Of course they couldn't accept the money--how could they in good conscience do it? It wasn't their fault they received the money--the onus falls squarely on the people who ran the "compassion fund."


The issue has always been about the easy gun access Jose Reyes had. Without the gun, no tragedy would have occurred.

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