Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Impeach Obama and Duncan

I am serious. These two are trying to destroy public education in this country, and they have NO legal authority to do so.

If Congress really wants to impeach Obama and Duncan, this is the place to do it because critics are on solid legal ground. These two have violated FERPA by allowing "data walls" to be posted at school sites, they have violated NCLB with their punitive Race to the Top grants as they are circumventing the will of Congress, and they have violated the separation of powers between the federal government and state and local governments with Common Core and other such mandates. They sneakily do this through grants but actually states and school districts are being forced to comply or be starved of needed funding. Duncan fancies himself as a national superintendent of schools; however, this intellectually challenged individual has, with Obama's blessing and backing, repeatedly violated the law. The economic elites are trying to dismantle public education without fanfare before the public finally wakes up to what is happening and files scores of lawsuits.

Note this piece of shit Obama is proposing:

Obama has also called for a “comprehensive effort to rethink the high school experience,” by proposing $150 million for a new competitive grant program to “redesign” high schools. Schools that receive funding will be expected to “partner with employers and institutions of higher education to give students access to work experiences” that will supposedly provide them with the “knowledge and skills that will help them succeed.”

What Obama is proposing is a fundamental restructuring of high schools to force working class students into narrow low-wage job tracks, which will vastly reduce any opportunity for going to college and will place them in a vulnerable position if their “skills” do not match the needs of big business years after they graduate.

That the majority of working class students will be denied access to a full curriculum in the arts and sciences, first advocated by public education pioneers like Horace Mann in the 19th century, and the opportunity to explore their full potential as demanded by figures like John Dewey, is the central point of this utterly retrograde initiative. Instead students will be denied the right to a complete education and the public schools will be transformed to meet the most immediate needs of American big business.

This is right out of Bill Gates' despicable desire to force "apprenticeships" on working-class students thus forever denying them the right to go to college. Gates apparently doesn't understand that most high school students have not planned a career track, and in fact many students, like yours truly, didn't go back to college until much later on. This prick and his henchmen Obama and Duncan would permanently slot students into shitty low-wage jobs long before they can even think of what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

Apprenticeships for skilled trades are entirely appropriate--AFTER high school and NOT before high school graduation. ALL high school students need a solid background in general education, which includes the arts and sciences. Vocational education, which I wholeheartedly support, should return to high schools, but students still would take the general education requirements.

Given the track record of Obama and Duncan, I doubt the WSWS is exaggerating this one damned bit.

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