Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's OBAMA, More Than Duncan, Who Is the Problem

with public education, indeed democracy, being on the ropes. I blame the media for shoving this fraud down our throats when he should have been vetted.

One of the things almost nobody noted about him was his ties to the charter-pushing Joyce Foundation, and that he was on its board back in the 1990s. That should have raised all kinds of red flags about him and disqualified him from the Democratic Party nomination, but no. We had to "make history" despite the fact this guy hasn't done one goddamned thing for minorities or for anybody else who isn't a billionaire or doesn't have Robert Rubin/Wall Street connections.

Arne Duncan is an easy target because he is so stupid and so obviously corrupt. But he was put in there by somebody equally stupid, though very arrogant, which some have mistaken for "intelligence," to run the Department of Education into the ground, breaking the law right and left while trying to destroy public education in this country.

Where in the hell has everybody been? I have been writing about this stuff for years and years.

It's almost too goddamned late.

Outside of the elite circles of the Beltway and the very rich, who continue to be the main proponents of these education policies, it is getting harder and harder to discern who exactly is the constituency being served by the reform agenda.

The elite circles and the very rich, that's who. The anti-public education propaganda was essential for softening the American people up to giving away all of their public institutions for the crooks to pilfer.

It's not limited to public ed. Our very democracy is at stake here.

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