Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Gates Foundation Spin

The article is pure pro-Gates Foundation propaganda. We KNOW who is behind "Common Core" and what the ultimate goal is, and that is to abolish a key component of our democracy, public education, in order to enrich the few further. Taken to Common Core's logical conclusion, there will no longer be real schools for the masses--only for the rich with their hoity-toity private schools. The rest will be herded into online "schools" with lousy curriculum by Pearson and software by Microsoft and no real teachers. Everybody would be learning the same thing at the same time, so why need teachers? This despite the fact national education standards and implementation of those standards are illegal thanks to the separation of powers. This is also a global movement to force everybody into this to further an insane ideology, neoliberalism, that says because we are in a "global economy," (created by the neolibs and their bought-and-paid-for politicians who have hollowed out our economy with ruinous trade agreements and idiotic tax cuts for the filthy rich) we are supposed to be in an economic race to the bottom to please our betters. Kids will be tracked into low-wage jobs (via standardized tests forcing them into inferior education)--the overwhelming majority of future jobs--as early as kindergarten, while very few will be allowed to attain higher education. "Higher education" in the neolib's world is high school. Everybody else will be dropping out after middle school because that is what is done in third world countries.

Neolibs pervert the purpose of public education, which is to create an informed citizenry forming the basis of democracy, by wanting to turn it into nothing but a caste-creating, job training program. They ultimately want to get rid of it altogether through charters, vouchers, and other such schemes. They don't see it as an investment but as an unnecessary expense; after all, if few jobs require any education beyond middle school, why waste the money educating these kids? If it is seen as a waste, why bother with a professional teaching force to teach these "losers"?

We are about to lose it all, but we have "reporters" parroting lies to think education "reform" is all about the kids. It isn't. It's another tool in the thirty-year class war by the few at the top against everybody else.

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