Friday, March 14, 2014

Naked Contempt for Our Democracy

Yet another billionaire asshole, this one Netflix's Reed Hastings, has open contempt for democratic institutions like elected school boards.

It is just appalling.

These people have WAY too much money, and they to be taxed the hell out of, back to 1950s levels. This is nothing but outright class warfare.

The newest bit of “wisdom” for public education comes to us from Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings, who is a big charter school supporter and an investor in the Rocketship Education charter school network. At a meeting of the California Charter Schools Association on March 4, he said in a keynote speech that the problem with public schools is that they are governed by elected local school boards. Charter schools have boards that are not elected and, according to his logic, have “a stable governance” and that’s why “they constantly get better every year.”

No, giving these scam schools taxpayer money without any accountability is nothing but a license to steal.

Thank God I don't subscribe to his shitty scam.

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