Sunday, March 16, 2014

News, Etc.

So what is the real graduation rate in Nevada, to say nothing of other states?

I wouldn't exactly trust anything coming out of the federal Department of Education since it clearly has a privatization agenda.

We do know, however, that WCSD's rates were ginned up to make former superintendent Heath Morrison look good and help buy himself a national superintendent award.

Speculation continues in the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 since there are no facts that have surfaced since the plane disappeared some ten days ago.

It could take years for the plane to be found, or perhaps it will never be found. CNN has been speculating around that the plane could have gone well into Asia.

I just don't buy it after all this time. I am still going with the cabin pressure/mechanical theory because it's the only one that makes sense at this point.

The prime minister should have known better than to talk out of his ass without any evidence whatsoever.

In the meantime, the notion of a hijacking, no matter how farfetched it is, gives families hope their loved ones are still alive. It's probably not doing them any favors.

Lying never does. This in all likelihood was a straightforward plane crash even if it turns out the events leading up to it are a bit unusual.

Another NYT journalist will go the way of Michael Winerip. He'll probably be in charge of obituaries next.

If you are a straight single woman looking for a guy, the LAST place in the United States--hell, the world--you should be living is in the San Francisco Bay area.

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